3rd Linee Conference

Conference themes & topics

The conference aims to attract a wide ranging mix of international researchers of various disciplinary backgrounds, and different stakeholders in order to share their research insights, discuss diversity from various disciplinary approaches (linguistics, anthropology, sociology, psychology, economy, cultural studies, history, philosophy, etc.), and to propose new interdisciplinary perspectives in research and practice of linguistic and cultural diversity.

The focus of the conference will be placed on five specific themes:
  • 1. Historical multilingualism - Lessons from the past
  • 2. Commodification of languages - Liaisons dangereuses
  • 3. Multilingualism and material life - "Talking" things
  • 4. The dark side of multilingualism - Social visions and divisions
  • 5. Multilingual brains and minds - Joys and fears?

The organizers will also accept a wide range of other topics related to our broad main theme (e.g. on language and education, new literacies, translation, language policy, etc.).